Facilities and Services :

    1. Circulation of Books
    2. Open Access System
    3. Arrangements of books
    4. Book Display
    5. New Arrivals Display
    6. Special Occasions
    7. Odu Mancha (Reading Table)
    8. Newspaper Clipping Service
    9. Reference Service
    10. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
    11. Reading Room
    12. Book Bank Facility
    13. Extra Book Facilities to Meritorious Students
    14. Over Night Borrowing Facilities for Faculty and Students
    15. Career Guidance Books
    16. UGC CSIR NET/SET Books
    17. Reprography Services
    18. Book Requisition
    19. Weeding Out Policy
    20. User Orientation Programme
    21. Computer Lab and Internet Facility
    22. Question Bank Facilities (Old Question Papers for Services)
    23. E-Lib Library Software
    24. Duration of Books Issued
    25. Over Due Charges
    26. Handling of Library Books
    27. Loss of Library Documents
    28. No Due Clearance

Circulation of Books

The users are eligible to borrow books against identity card/borrower’s ticket for a period of 15 days. The books kept in reference section and the periodicals normally will not be issued. However under certain conditions the reference textbooks are issued to the faculty for overnight reference and return. Those who fail to return/renew the books within a specified due date will be levied an overdue charge of Rs. One per book per day.

Open Access System

The greatest advantage a Library can offer to its readers is its OPEN ACCESS SYSTEM, where books are brought very close to the readers with the result staff are students will be having easy accessibility to find their choice of books on the shelves without any interference. Though open access will necessitate greater care and responsibility on the part of the library staff this system is opted to library the reading habits of the students and restore their live for books.

Arrangements of books

Books are classified broadly according to Dewey Decimal Classification System with little modification so as to suit the all UG and PG syllabus books on different subjects are neatly placed in open stack room. Further, the arrangement of shelves is according to the array of subjects as appear in the syllabus. The books on Kannada and English are kept separately.

Book Display

The library has on display collections of recently acquired books, books on important occasions, and books by renowned authors.

New Arrivals Display

The newly added resources by the Library are displayed in ‘New Arrivals’ racks for the benefit of users. These books will be on display for at least one week and after that they will be made available to borrow.

Special Occasions

Books on special occasions such as Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanthi, Dr. B.R.Amedkar Jayanthi etc., are selected and displayed in the library.

Odu Mancha (Reading Table)

Odhumancha is an innovative concept of the Tunga Mahavidyalaya. It is a separate section in the reading section of library. In ”Odhu Mancha” all the works of Kannada Jnanapeeta awards are collected and kept in separate racks. A few chairs installed around a table. Students and teachers whoever wants to study Jnanapeeta Awardees work can take the books from racks can read resettled in the same racks.

A register is maintained is the “Odu Mancha” where visitors register their name. Introduce Kannada Jnanapeta awards and their works to students and develop interest on Kannada Literature is the Intention of “Odhu Mancha”

Newspaper Clipping Service

The newspaper clipping service is one of a library’s most important offerings. One of the most crucial services offered by a library is this one. Press clipping is the daily screening, scanning, cutting, etc., of news articles from newspapers within an organization. The staff members of the library will peruse the Leading National Newspapers and extract relevant news articles about higher education, which will then be digitized and stored as files.

Reference Service

Reference service means “Process of establishing contact between a user and his requirements in a personal way”. It is a personal service, which involves various activities, aimed at making information available to the users as easily as possible. The Tunga College Library has a good selection of reference materials. Professional staff of the library make use of these resources as well as those resources available outside the Library. Either our staff may give the information which is required by the users or they guide them to browse the documents which contain the required information, depending upon their requirements.

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) facility has been provided for the benefit of the users to access databases of books of our college library collection. Proper training is also provided to the students, about the use of OPAC system, in the beginning of the academic year.

Reading Room

The Library of the College has well-equipped and spacious reading room facility with seating capacity of 100 (one hundred) users. The reference books, periodicals and current awareness sections also function from reading room for reader’s convenience. Some rare collections of the College are displayed in the reading room.

Book Bank Facility

The book bank facility is provided only to students belonging to economically challenged groups and communities. Besides regular library facilities, they can issue at most four books from book-bank for a full semester. The textbooks are mainly emphasized for this section, though very few common reference books may also be lent out.

Book bank facility is one of the important facilities for students coming from underprivileged sections of the society. Students and Management provides funds specifically for SC/ST students.

Toppers Book Bank Scheme is also one of the major facilities for students, this scheme motivating for rank students only, and consider from last semesters marks, toppers list selected by all Head of the Departments. Many students have taken this benefit and excelled in their academics.

Extra book facilities to meritorious students

Extraordinary boosting service is provided to the students by taking a special risk by the library. Under this scheme, the top scorers in each class in a semester will get an extra 4 to 5 Books. Our library is providing this service to our students from second semester to final semester.

Over Night Borrowing Facilities for faculty and students

This is unique service that the Tunga Mahavidyalaya library provides for its students and teaching faculty. In case, teaching staff or students exceed the limits of borrowing library books. In order to provide undisturbed library services for teaching and students community overnight lending of books will be provided. The borrower has to return the books immediately after a day or two. This facility helped many students and teachers when there is an urgent need of library materials.

Career Guidance Books

Books and journals relating to different competitive examinations like IAS, Career / Service Oriented programs and other documents related to the subjects are available for consultation in the library.


Books and e-books relating to UGC CSIR NET / SET (JRF & LS) are available in the library.

Reprography Services

One internet-facilitated computer is directly connected with the photocopy machine for taking print out of any online and also offline materials.

Book Requisition

Students and faculty members can place requisition for a book that is not available in the library. The requisition should be given in the Demand Book Register available from the concerned library staff.

Weeding out Policy

Through the library does not have the separate the writings policy on weed out of books, every year at the time of stock verification, brittle, old and unused books will be identified and prepare a subject –wise report with the cost analysis and write off the same in consultation with the library advisory committee and the rules and regulation enacted by the UGC.

User Orientation Programme

Library provides a student induction program for first-year students at the beginning of every academic year. This orientation is designed to introduce the students to the library’s resources and to impart knowledge and training on the use of both print and electronic resources; to acquaint students on facilities and services provided by the Library; to familiarize various sections of Library; using Library online catalogue and to make aware of rules and regulations.

Computer Lab and Internet Facility

Internet facility is available in the library. At present the computer attached to the librarian desk is having the internet connection through college LAN. The same system is used for helping students and faculty to access N-LIST, National Digital Library, MOOCS ect.

Question Bank Facilities (Old Question Papers for Services)

A question Bank facility is also extended for both the teaching and student community. Old question papers will be collected and categorized based the course (BA, B.Com, BCA and B.Sc). Once it is categorized each semester old question paper will be preserved (hard & soft copy) and allow students access the same. Old question paper will be issued for reference purpose on all the working days.

E-Lib Library Software

E-Lib is a multiuser package designed and developed by a team of library Professionals and software professionals for effective management of a library from all aspects. This package has been designed to handle huge volumes at lightning speed thus saving manpower. E-Lib is a Windows / Web based software and it runs in any Windows environment and hence it has excellent Graphical User Interface. A library is completely computerized only if the user, irrespective of background or knowledge, is able to access information available in the library from anywhere just by typing few words.

N-LIST (INFLIBNET) 6,000+e-JOURNALS, 97,000+e-BOOKS Available e-resources through the N-LIST Programme are e-journals, e-books, databases etc.

Duration of Books Issued

The books meant in stack area issued for a period of 15 days and books in reference are issued for overnight.

Over Due Charges

An overdue fine of Re.1.00/- per day will be charged if the books are not returned on the date stamped on the book.

Handling of Library Books

The reader has to check the condition of books while borrowing. In case the books are found damaged, mutilated or spoilt while returning, the reader has to replace the same with a new book.

Loss of Library Documents

The loss of the book should be reported immediately to the librarian and the same copy to be replaced, otherwise the student has to pay two times the price for Indian book and three times the price for International book, along with overdue charges.

No Due Clearance

Students and Staff at the time of leaving the institute shall return all the library books and documents, if any pending, will pay the overdue fine to obtain the no dues from the library.

Tunga Mahavidyalaya

Tunga Mahavidyalaya (Kannadaತುಂಗಾ ಮಹಾವಿದ್ಯಾಲಯ) is located at the foothills of Anandagiri in Thirthahalli Town. Tunga Mahavidyalaya “is the offspring of” Tunga Vidyavardhaka Sangha – an association of the philanthropists. Thirthahalli Taluk is the birthplace of great writers, artists, Jurists and political leaders. Popular Kannada film actor Diganth is alumnus of this institute.

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Anoop UpadhyaAnoop Upadhya
14:48 19 Mar 22
Best premises with neat campus
Subhash Adiga SSubhash Adiga S
06:12 17 Jan 22
It's good
Darshan ShetDarshan Shet
06:20 08 Jan 22
Located in the outskirts of Tirtahalli city, near Tudaki. College gets more and more attracted with the greenery that welcomes you with a freshness vibe. PUC, Under Graduation and Post Graduation courses are available in this college. Campus is included with Canteen, Xerox outlet, Sports complex, playground, library and auditorium.
Aishu AishwaryaAishu Aishwarya
08:00 26 Aug 21
Very attractive place and campus environment is soo awesome 🥰😍
My sis studies here ok ok college
Anoop UpadhyaAnoop Upadhya
14:48 19 Mar 22
ಅಚ್ಚುಕಟ್ಟಾಗಿ ಕ್ಯಾಂಪಸ್ ಹೊಂದಿರುವ ಅತ್ಯುತ್ತಮ ಆವರಣ
Subhash Adiga SSubhash Adiga S
06:12 17 Jan 22
ಇದು ಉತ್ತಮ
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